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Hi! It's been a couple of months since my last post. In these past… 
2nd-Jul-2015 12:17 am
female chu
Hi! It's been a couple of months since my last post. In these past couple of months, the Pikachu Focus, Pikazard restock, Pokemikke Ice Cream goods have made a major dent in my wallet along with Fanime which was this past Memorial Weekend in May. I got a bunch posters and charms that I might share in a later post with my Anime Expo gets~ Yay going to have much fun this Thursday to Sunday~ XD Happy July 4th Weekend as well!

My somewhat updated Mega Pikazard collection!

I love having 2 of these of the Mega Pikazards. They are the perfect size! :D I was thinking of getting a total of 12 Pikazard plush as the total of my Pikazard army since the Mega Tokyo grand opening was 12/12 which is also the day before my birthday. XD

This is actually not how it looks like right now. ^^;; As I rearranged the display in the shelf to make room for the Hiroshima Chus and goods that I hope to them all in a few weeks or month. Can't wait!

Anticipating getting a bunch of Hiroshima Gyarachu and Pikakarp goods~~XDDD

There's enough wall space below the poster that I will certainly put up some Hiroshima flats/pictures next to The Great Wave off Kanto print. I got this at Fanime! :D I love the artist Pokemon art history prints and her past Pokemon starter prints. There's also a Shiny Gyarados version that I plan to get.

A bunch of stuff from Amazon JP and other stuff my middleman picked up: Finally got the Eevee kokeshi to go with my Pikachu kokeshi. Will take pic in next update when I figure out where to put them. ^^:

I love the Petit stickers! There's also the Little Tales notebook and Eevee masking tape, Eevee and Pikachu post-its, and the Goomy and Eevee free box.

Some FromJapan gets:

The covers of The We Love Pokemon magazine with Japanese celebrities. Regular Pikachu on he front cover, and female Pikachu is in the inside front page and vice versa Female Pikachu on front and regular male Pika on the inside front. So you have to buy both if you want one or the other on the front and have the full inside front page. XD;; They both look so happy. <3 I used Pikachu clips I got off YJ! to hold them in place while taking the pics.

For those interested, I can take pictures of the inside as I did with the
Pokemon Collection Guide magazine

Cute envelopes

Eevee stamps!

Anyone going to Anime Expo in LA this Thursday to Sunday? I would love to meet other collectors and look around the artist alley together especially Pokemon prints and other goods. :D

Will update again after AX and before Pokemon Symphony in San Jose which is coming up in less than two weeks! I can't wait!

Thanks for looking! ^^
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