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Overdue Recap of 2015 gets! Wishlist  
24th-Jan-2016 04:07 pm
fall fuji pika
Hello everyone! 2015 was my first year of serious Pokemon goods collecting as I joined the community back in December 2014 and have learned so much and found a new enjoyment! I didn't get back into Pokemon until 2013 and bought some goods here and there from 2013 to 2014 until.. I found out about the Little Tales promotion and the Mega Tokyo/Pikazard... and I was hooked... I had a LJ account for years and didn't even know about the community till late 2014. and here are are one month away from the anniversary. It's great to be a collector now!

This post will serve as my one year anniversary post/first year of seriously collecting (it should have been posted last month ^^;;). By seriously collecting... I was buying stuff from Japan every month -- either Pokemon Center promotions or items on Yahoo Japan!

It's a super long post where I typed up what I got for each month. I also am sharing the 2015 Pokemon Bi Monthly calendar pages which will separate each 2 month period. Hopefully I remember when I got each promo/when they were released. XD

January: Sleeping New Years Plush!

substitute re-release
February: 12 inch substitute and Pikazard gachas!
Goomy Damano <3


August: 8.29
Pokemon Store Gotenba Premium Pokemon store grand opening! Mt. Fuji Pikachu

September: Nebukuro sleeping bag Pikachu!
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