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25th-Feb-2016 04:40 pm
fall fuji pika
It's been pretty much spring since February here...

so what's happened this month~ every week I've been busy with something each weekend...

Super Bowl like 5 miles away from home on Feb 7th

How can I forget Chinese New Year!!

the week after AOD Con - I sold some stuff at the Swap Meet.. Could have brought more...

Mitsuwa Customer Appreciation Event for like the middle of the month to 22nd

SF Chinese New Year Parade, Feb 20th~ was lots of fun seeing it my first time! Year of the Monkey :3

Pokemon Day/20th Anniversary this Saturday, the 27th!!


Sooo with spring here, there are lots to look forward!

March 18-20th
Silicon Valley Comic Con at the SJ Convention Center -- first comic con in the area with technology and entertainment - first of its kind

I am so glad I found a 25% code cuz its so expensive but one day I will go to SDCC.... and Comiket ahaha

April 9,10 & 16& 17 Cherry Blossom Festival, I haven't been in years. last year really wanted to but didn't have the money to go up to SF

24th Cupertino Cherry Blossom Festival

May 27-30th Fanime! It's gonna be my 8th time going since high school... still need to buy tix

idk what else is going on in the area in the upcoming months but those are the things I'm looking forward to!
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