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2nd-Jul-2015 12:17 am(no subject)
female chu
Hi! It's been a couple of months since my last post. In these past couple of months, the Pikachu Focus, Pikazard restock, Pokemikke Ice Cream goods have made a major dent in my wallet along with Fanime which was this past Memorial Weekend in May. I got a bunch posters and charms that I might share in a later post with my Anime Expo gets~ Yay going to have much fun this Thursday to Sunday~ XD Happy July 4th Weekend as well!

My somewhat updated Mega Pikazard collection!

I love having 2 of these of the Mega Pikazards. They are the perfect size! :D I was thinking of getting a total of 12 Pikazard plush as the total of my Pikazard army since the Mega Tokyo grand opening was 12/12 which is also the day before my birthday. XD

This is actually not how it looks like right now. ^^;; As I rearranged the display in the shelf to make room for the Hiroshima Chus and goods that I hope to them all in a few weeks or month. Can't wait!

Anticipating getting a bunch of Hiroshima Gyarachu and Pikakarp goods~~XDDD

There's enough wall space below the poster that I will certainly put up some Hiroshima flats/pictures next to The Great Wave off Kanto print. I got this at Fanime! :D I love the artist Pokemon art history prints and her past Pokemon starter prints. There's also a Shiny Gyarados version that I plan to get.

And some more goodies!Collapse )

Anyone going to Anime Expo in LA this Thursday to Sunday? I would love to meet other collectors and look around the artist alley together especially Pokemon prints and other goods. :D

Will update again after AX and before Pokemon Symphony in San Jose which is coming up in less than two weeks! I can't wait!

Thanks for looking! ^^
Hello! This is my first collection post. ^^ I have more free time these days now so I finally had the chance to organize my Pikazard items in a cool display! :D Also, with the Pikazard restock this weekend, I thought it'll be perfect to post! Can't wait to see pictures of the Mega Pikzard, too :D

More pictures under the cut! Here's also a link to my Pokemon collection album with more Pikazard pictures. :D

Pikzard love!Collapse )

Next to my Pikzards are the My Dearest and Little Tales plush! I should be getting the My Dearest clear file so I can't wait to to display it~~

I actually have 3 My Dearest Pair plush! My dearest boyfriend got me two, he had only ordered one so it was a surprise he got two. XDDD I had bought one for myself but he didn't know since I didn't display it until a few days before Valentine's Day. ^_^"
I've only had time to work on these displays so far. These three promotions that came out late last year got me collecting more Pokemon goods. XD So these are definitely a few of my favorites so far.

I have more packages to unwrap that are at my parents house so once I pick them up, I'll be sure to share them. :D

Thanks for looking~ Would love to see others Pikazards. ^^ I can't wait and hopeful I'll be able to get the Mega Pikazard soon!!
29th-Mar-2015 09:15 pm(no subject)
fall fuji pika
Hi there! This is a small first gets post.. because I have a lot more stuff to show you guys! I'm currently at my parents house so I don't have all the recent packages with me.

I was relived that my FromJapan package arrived Saturday morning before I had to go to my cousin's wedding.

Random FromJapan question, have any of you guys that use this site been able to ship your packages to multiple addresses. My Paypal billing address is my parents so with FromJapan everything gets ship there. I don't know or can figure out a way to get around this. I am not at my parents all the time and also I rather them not see the stuff I'm getting because they will complain how I wasting money buying too much kid stuff. >_>

Pretty big box!

Take a look!Collapse )
fall fuji pika
Hello, this is my first post to the community. ^_^ I joined a few months ago and just haven't made a post probably because I'm always tired after work. Wednesdays are my usual only day off. >_< I recently changed my username to ninetails (ninetales is taken). My favorites/ what I collect are Pikachu, Eeveelutions (Glaceon, Umbreon, Espeon, Leafeon are my faves), Cyndaquil, Ditto, Dragonair, and so much more.

Since I've joined, I've been collecting more Pokemon goods than ever especially from the recent promotions in Japan and whatever on YJ!I think it really started when I saw the Mega Tokyo goods and My Dearest promotions. The Pikazards are just too irresistible! My poor wallet, I haven't been able to save any money And speaking of Pokemon collection it brings to my recent Pokemon get.. I was able to get in my own backyard! I live in the Silicon Valley in the Bay Area, Northern California near Apple and Google and we also have the Japanese bookstore Kinokuniya in the area. I love going to the one I live near since it's next to the Japanese market but the one in San Francisco Japantown is much bigger! Anyways, in the magazines area at the bookstore I saw this Everybody Loves ♥♥ Pokemon Collection Guide! <3

I love this guide a lot as it's definitely helpful for someone like me who has recently started collecting to see all the different stuff that has been released in the past year. Definitely go buy it if you live near a Kinokuniya! I think it's a great addition for any Pokemon collector old or new. Going through it just makes you want more Pokemon goods and happy that they are so many goods that out there!

Look inside the Magazine!Collapse )

Thanks for looking! :D When I have the time, I would love to share my collection and future gets once I get them later this month! I look forward to future awesome Pokemon goods coming out and sharing the Pokemon collection love with this awesome Pokemon collectors community!
15th-Jan-2015 02:32 am - Pokemon Collection Info/Wants!
fall fuji pika
to be edited!


My Faves:
Eevee (in order of Eeveelutions: Glaceon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Espeon, Vapareon, Slyveon, Jolteon, Flareon)
Pikachu, Raichu, Pichu
Dragonair, Dratini, Dragonnite
I used to use LJ in my middle school days. Now I'm in my early 20s. And yup, I'm collecting Pokemon stuff. Now hopefully I don't go too broke....

I also collect Studio Ghibli stuff (mainly Totoro!)

Android figures, Adventure Time... that's about it!

Oh yeah I wanna do those nerdy and random Japanese subscription boxes like Loot Crate, Nerd Block, Japan Crate.

Hoping in the future to collect Sailor Moon and Disney Japan stuff and random San X and Sanrio items.

And random anime merchandise.

Anyways... I wish I just won the lottery already. LOL
13th-Jul-2012 02:04 am - Music Festivals/Concerts
fall fuji pika
I would love to go to a lot of indie bands concerts when they come to town in SF but... the money and transportation... Not going to Outside Lands even though I want to so bad... instead I'm shelving out that money to go to the Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses concert again when they have another show in the Bay Area again in San Jose which is so much closer to home and will definitely be more enjoyable going with more friends this time!

Also, I am likely to go see An Evening with Yanni - so going to see instrumental/orchestra music instead of some indie bands.... if only I had more money and they had a nice venue in the South Bay for them to play but I get that all the young ppl/hipsters are up in SF.
21st-Jan-2012 02:04 am - new username
fall fuji pika
about darn time.
fall fuji pika
I didn't have an external HD years ago so I lost all those drama cds I downloaded. It'll be impossible to get them back as I forgot what they're called. Maybe I'll remember based on the cover. I just want to recover them mostly because want the booklets for the seiyuu signatures/comments and cast comments mostly.

Will be getting nearly 1,000 soon so I'll spend a chunk of that on my first seiyuu goods.

With the shit that's been happening in the US, I'm definitely considering an extended stay in Japan if I make it out there. I would like to study abroad at Waseda but I don't want to take out loans.
24th-Dec-2011 01:30 pm - it's been a long time
fall fuji pika
I have Microsoft One Note to put my useless journal ramblings and thoughts. also, everyone I know has gone to using Tumblr. I also use Twitter frequently. I still miss lj for what it was/is so maybe I'll come back and use it more. I haven't posted anything in 2011.

what has reverted me to come back is finding out seiyuu news 4 months after the fact.

well, in 2012 I'll have a new username. Probably "arisandra"
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