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Roaming where she cares to go
Mid March Madness!!! more like bye bye $$$ 
18th-Mar-2016 06:43 am
fall fuji pika
Almost 7am and I haven't even slept yet... I will be at the first Silicon Valley Comic Con in San Jose, California! ( aka the most forgettable major US city?) You tell me if you know where San Jose is!

I am hyped!

My wallet is taking a major beating right now in Mid March with the Kyoto Center goods and Monthly Pikachu restock/April Pair... Plus I have the convention so who knows how much I will be spending. And... Kinokuniya is having a 20% sale this weekend. ouchhhh. and I just got paid.. so all my money goes to nerd stuff XD

Anyways, Silicon Valley is my home turf - I was born and raised here next to all the tech companies. Bf & I live right down the street from Apple HQ and their new HQ soon across from Ranch 99/Cupertino Village. Their new Hq site is where the old HP campus where my aunt used to work.
Google started when I was like 6 lol right when I started watching Pokemon. xD
Steve Wozniak who's one of Apple's co-founders is teaming up with the one and only comic legend Stan Lee in hosting the convention! I am so glad The Woz decided to bring a big Comic Con to Silicon Valley/SF Bay Area because we sorely need one up here with San Diego Comic Con down south and WonderCon which used to be in San Francisco now in LA.

I am super excited to see Steve Wozniak and Stan Lee in person. ever since reading Steve Wozniak's autobiography he had co-written with a journalist when I was in my high school freshman year I have been a fan even though I'm not an Apple person at all. I just love his personality, the way he see things in tech, didn't seek wealth (went to teach computer classes to kids) and was different from Steve Jobs. Also he grew up in my hometown! And he's pro Bernie!

It's gonna be an awesome one of a kind convention experience! Where pop culture and technology come together at a con - two things I'm very interested in! Well, I am more of a movie/tv person for the comics series than actually reading them but David reads some and he's very much a nerd in both American comics and Japanese manga/anime.

As always with convention weekend, I barely get any sleep. I haven't been productive at all lately too especially since I am actively job searching and hoping to get my foot in at the tech companies here. Silicon Valley is expensive -_-.
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