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Roaming where she cares to go
my break before FB! 
27th-Apr-2016 12:48 am
fall fuji pika
I got the Facebook job (yay tech career stepping stone!)so I won't have as much free time well more like time to sleep in. I will still try to go to the markets every week. and definitely make more trips to the mall and eating out at more places I want to check out in the future. getting paid weekly will be so convenient but bad at the same time...

I'm only 23 so I feel like I am in a good place now. If I didn't get this job, I would feel like I'm a failure since I'll be almost 5 years out from graduating in high school with no career... It would take a while to move up in the library ranks if I stayed at my old job and worked at multiple libraries..

As for career, I don't mind staying in this position for awhile. We will see.

definitely looking forward to having the 8 days where I don't have to work or any commitments and travel!

I need to write out what I should do so I can be productive:

Sunday, 4/24 - Cupertino Cherry Blossom Festival
Monday, 4/25 - did practically nothing useful (should have cleaned out phone more)
Tuesday, 4/26 - went home, took Pokemon pics, clean
Wednesday 427 - clean, PO, mall, friendship garden, post magazine pics
Thursday 4/28 - go home, make post, clean
Friday 4/29 - clean, clean clean, go to Mitsuwa for Children's Day sweets
Saturday 4/30 - go home, go to Mitsuwa for Children's Day sweets, and family dinner
Sunday 5/1 - go to Mitsuwa, clean Mountain View Festival

Also, I will be saving my May paychecks to pay off stuff and Fanime. I think my budget for Fanime will be $500~$600 to spend at the artist alley. AX will be much more. at least $1500 for the whole trip to cover hotel, transportation, food, and artist alley spendings. Yes I know I buy a lot of stuff at the artist alley. x_x

I'm cutting down how much I spend for Pokemon. I haven't browsed Yahoo Japan! Auctions in awhile. So that's very good, haha there's no temptation too. I will splurge a little bit if I have enough once I get paid after a couple of weeks.

in late May: there's the June Monthly Pikachu Pair
buying multiples of Monthly Pikachus still...
still need to get the Kyoto-exclusive Okuge-chu and another Maiko Chu both sitting and standing
more Kyoto goods like another tea cup set and fan

Transform Ditto plush
Slowpoke kuttari
Sleeping Ditto plush
Nebukuro plush
Magnetic Ash's Greninja plush
Mega Pikachu plush...
Pokemon With You Pikachu

errr actually I have a lot to catch up

Alright let's catch up by August?
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