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Yes I know it should be NINETALES but it's taken and I'm not creative.

One day...
☆ travel to Japan
☆ collect so many Pokemon goods and more!
☆ be proficient in Japanese language and more fluent in Cantonese!
Pokemon collector! also collect Studio Ghibli (mostly Totoro), and a few other anime/manga/games.

I also love Japanese cultural goods and Asian food.

I am Asian American. I an an ABC. :) I am an INFP/INTP. Flexible, intuitive, curious, finding the value in life ~~ learn about environmental, social, global issues that impact the world

Ris is short for my name. born/raised/works in the Silicon Valley (aka tech land home to Google, eBay, Apple, Facebook HQ). I am very proud as a native and fortunate to live here where there are lots of good food, diversity, things to do in the Bay Area, etc.

I have a lot of interests that are so diverse and spans all over. seriously, I can never be bored on the Internet. that said, I can never have enough money, too.

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